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Time Spent Well

I came across a pie chart from the labor bureau of statistics displaying leisure time and it made me consider time spent. How we spend our days vs. how we would like to spend our days. Of course, the largest segment is watching TV coming in at almost 3 of the 5 hours*. I aim to not engage in activities that our not adding value to my life but do find myself zoned out into the TV in the evenings. These unproductive habits do not yield positive emotions for me. Another big time sucking activity is social media and time spent online. Research varies from 1 hr. 40 mins a day to over 9 hours a day of screen time. Either way I’m sure we can all agree it’s too much time, and is this really a good use of our time, does it allow time for the things we truly value?

Points of focus:

  • Consistently bring everyday actions into alignment with what is important to you.

  • Describe your ideal day and how you would spend your leisure time, what emotions would you feel.

  • Put thought to action and live it!

We have 1440 minutes each day, let’s use them with meaningful intent!

with gratitude,


*Leisure time on an average day Minutes

Watching TV 167 (2.8 hours)

Socializing and communicating 41

Playing games; using computer for leisure 25

Reading 19

Sports, exercise, and recreation 18

Relaxing and thinking 17

Other leisure activities 12

Total leisure and sports time 299 minutes (5.0 hours)

NOTE: Data include all persons age 15 and over. Data include all days of the week and are annual averages for 2015.

SOURCE: Bureau of Labor Statistics, American Time Use Survey