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Emotional Bank Account

I absolutely love this concept by Stephen Covey. The emotional bank account is a metaphor the describes the amount of trust that’s been built up in a relationship, the feeling of safeness you have with another person. If you frequently make deposit into your emotional bank account with kindness, honesty, and consideration you will build up a solid reserve, the trust becomes stronger. Now on the other hand if you are displaying disrespect, overacting, and dishonesty the emotional bank account is most likely going to be withdrawn and trust will be very low. If a large reserve does not have frequent positive deposits the relationship will begin to deteriorate. When I first read about this concept I immediately thought of parenting. Covey provides an example with a teenage son. If your normal conversation is barking orders, “clean your room, turn down the radio, get a haircut” the withdrawals will exceed the deposits. Now if this son is going through something and needing someone to talk to is he going to come to you? Most likely not, the trust has been compromised because the account is so overdrawn. Find little opportunities to show kindness and acceptance of your child as a person. Building and repairing relationships takes time and is a long-term investment! This concept applies to children, marriage and work. Think about your relationships with those around you. Are you consistently making deposits or withdrawals?

To happy, healthy relationships!