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Body Image

Today I would like to discuss body image and self-talk. Many of us hold ourselves to some insane standards of what is “beautiful” based off what we see in the media, do not let the media tell you what is beautiful! We are constantly being shown images of how we should look, or how we should live our lives via social media, television, etc. These constant messages can have a big impact on our minds. Your mind is very powerful, don’t let it convince you that you are not beautiful through negative self-talk. Your brain is much more malleable than you may think, and a subtle thing such as changing your internal dialogue can have a big impact.

Everyone is a miracle, by just being alive, which is beautiful in itself. No one can provide for you what your body can provide for you, therefore it should be treated with the upmost love and respect. Instead however most of us abuse our bodies with inadequate nutrition, sleep, water and then constantly put it down for its “imperfections”. Now consider if you had a friend who acted in this regard, never helping you with what you need and always saying mean things. You’d say “see ya” right? But our body remains loyal not matter how poorly we may treat it. Your body loves you, all it wants is to support you as best as it can, how would it be if you had the same unconditional love for your body. Instead of nit picking all the things you don’t like about your body ( I’m fat, I don’t like my stomach, or mine omg I have cellulite) remind yourself of all the wonderful things your body allows you to do (thank you body for constantly provided me with the ability to breathe, thank you legs for allowing me to walk around freely, thank you digestive system for digesting all the food I consume, the list goes on and on). Our bodies are working hard for us 24 hours a day!

There is always room for improvement in areas of nutrition and exercise and I think it is wonderful to always be progressing in these areas. But remember to appreciate all that your body does for you and thank it, instead of putting it down. You are a beautiful miracle and when you work with your body instead of against it, amazing things can happen!

Love thyself,