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Train the Mind. The Body will follow.

I am a big Warriors fan there’s a playoff game tonight😆There is currently a commercial airing that I am quite inspired by. It’s a Kaiser Permanente commercial to promote their wellness campaign with Steph Curry as the spokesperson. I am impressed with the messages of the commercials and happy to see the shift of focus in the medical world. Previous commercials promoted mediation, deep breathing and at the end of this commercial the words “Train the mind. The body will follow” appear. This statement is so alignment with my view of the holistic self. Over the last year I have been learning more about the mind and how powerful it is. I am truly amazed. Mindset can be the difference between what you accomplishment or simply don’t succeed in. This is why negative self-talk can have such a detrimental impact. The thoughts plant the seeds of our actions. Guided imagery and visualization can be a useful tool for sports performance, self-esteem improvement, and career advancement. For a moment picture your house, now count how many windows you have in your home. Were you able to come up with a number? This is visualization and we are all able to do it. We create our realities through our imagination, energy and thought. Your body will move towards the image you hold in your mind. Remember you are a champion (just as the Warriors😉) move towards your greatness! If you are interested in learning more about visualization and guided imagery, please contact me as I would love to discuss this topic further!

Love & Light,